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    Breakfasts From Around The World


    Breakfasts From Around The World – Look at some classic breakfast choices from countries around the world.

    Italy – Breakfast hot and sweet, with milk and coffee, biscuits or croissants, chocolate or fruit.

    Northern Europe -S ausages, fried eggs and pickled cucumbers. In Russia pancakes and cereal mix with sour cream. In Scandinavia, ham, cheese and porridge oats with milk.

    Anglo-Saxon countries – Scrambled eggs and bacon, the typical breakfast in the United Kingdom. To which may be accompanied sausages, toast with butter and porridge. Breakfast in the U.S. is similar, with maple syrup, pancakes, muffins and donuts.

    East – The rice even at breakfast, a drink made from soy milk and cai, a side dish made ​​of fish, meat or vegetables. As an alternative to rice, the bao zi (dumplings filled with meat and vegetables) or the fans, made ​​from barley and maize.

    India – Typical chapati bread, rolls with rice and coconut. Or muffins with flour and baked potatoes. Or the puttu, a sweet curry, coconut, basmati rice and bananas. The traditional go, donuts fried savory spiced with ginger and coriander.

    Africa – The breakfast varies by region. In Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya is made ​​from green tea with mint, white bread and cous-cous. In Egypt you can also eat a dish made ​​with beans while in Senegal and Gambia peanuts accompanied by a mixture of millet, tomatoes and vegetables.