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    Pictures of the Living Theatre. The sign of Julian Beck in Rome. Home Theater in Villa Pamphili


    • Casa dei Teatri
      Largo 3 giugno 1849 (angolo via di San Pancrazio – ingresso Arco dei Quattro Venti)
      Dall’11 maggio al 24 giugno 2012

      10.00-19.00 from Tue to Sun

      Closing 2 giugno
      Free entrance
    Drawings, photographs, video, sounds, meetings
    “Pictures of the Living Theatre,” scheduled at the House of Theatres from May 11 to June 24, 2012, is an extraordinary journey of perception consists of sounds, images and video, which leads the audience in the creative workshop of the Living Theatre. For the first time are also displayed sketches of costumes that Julian Beck, founding figure of the theater of the twentieth century drew to its penultimate show The Yellow Methuselah.

    Julian Beck mentre dipinge il fondale per 'The Yellow Methuselah', Roma, 1982

    Born on the combination of a play by Bernard Shaw (Back to Methuselah) and composition to the scene of Vasily Kandinsky Yellow Sound, the show TheYellowMethuselah he was engaged as an actor Julian Beck as well as designer of sets andcostumes and the author of composition of the lights.

    These drawings are a valuable record of a wider pictorial enterprise – a depth of eighty meters long – that Julian Beck dipintoa Rome through a personal interpretation of Kandinsky. The Russian painter was among the inspiring adventure of Living andespecially Beck, who began his life as an artist just like a painter, an activity that never gave up completely.

    Bozzetti dei costumi di The Yellow Methuselah di Julian Beck.The first room is devoted to sketches of costumes TheYellow Methuselah who are present together with the poster and articles of the time. In the second project salaquattro monitor the filming of shows and some evidence of the Living Theatre, along with other moments in the life of Julian Beck, a sort of documentary to the discovery of the Living. The third room offers audio and visual impressions from the world of Beck, the last room is finally evoked through a montage of photos and texts by Julian Beck, the intertwining of poetry and theater of political testimony. Two meetings seek to further news of the scenic work of the Living Theatre

    • Saturday, May 12 at 15:00 

    The scene of fierce. In a sign of Living Meeting with one of the companies most emblematic of the contemporary scene Motus and the Living Theatre’s historic actress Catherine Marchand

    • Domenica 13 maggio alle ore 11.30

      Living Theatre: Paradise Now!

      Incontro con Franco Ruffini, professore di Storia del teatro.

    Bozzetti dei costumi di The Yellow Methuselah di Julian Beck.During the exhibition period will be available some video files on request by the House of dellaBiblioteca Theatres. Can be viewed from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 16.00. From 1977 to 1983, the company has gone through in Italy more than 175 cities and between countries, presenting the Italian public works that changed the character and sense of theater. The political and social engagement in which Beck supplemented her theatrical form met in those years with the radicalization of political discourse in Italy. Shake to get the audience to interact, experiment to awaken the conscience from its torpor, these are the objectives of the artistic sensibilities of Beck, so he told the Italian experience: “As we tried to defile the streets and all groups, parties politicians great and small, the whole anarchist movement, against the tendency to accept terrorism, Americanism, militarism, tradition. As we have dreamed of being useful to the working class movement in search of alternatives. As we tried to seduce with our eros political artists and poets, the theater world and journalists, to induce them to make love with harmony and freedom in all their iridescent mutations. “

    Bozzetti dei costumi di The Yellow Methuselah di Julian Beck.