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    Now Eataly in Rome

    The large “hub” of food opens in Rome on the first day of summer! The Air Terminal at Ostiense, from 21 June, is transformed into four floors of good food: fried healthy with the best Italian oils, buffalo mozzarella produced under the most rigorous tradition of Caserta, bread leavened with yeast for 35 years, expressed pasta, sandwiches and copyright piadine. The beer is produced directly in the brewery inside the station, the roasted coffee and instant hot chocolate flowing from the taps of the stand and a bakery section will delight gourmands. Bon appetit!

    It will open in the capital next week the hypermarket quality food products with restaurants and various events. The symbol of Italian excellence that the world envies us. A building designed by Julio Lafuente, opened for imondiali football “Italy 90” and designed as a terminal for the airport of Fiumicino. From next week, that property will be the site of Roman Eataly, the nineteenth in the world after Italy and the ninth in Turin (2), Pinerolo, Asti, Monticello, Milan, Genoa, Bologna, Genoa, Japan (9) and New York. This is a hypermarket food and wine quality where you can also eat, learn to cook or attend events of all kinds related to the table. “A mix between the bazaars of Istanbul and the living room of taste Carlin Petrini” in the words of its founder, Oscar Farinetti spoke at the opening (in the photo with the President of the Lazio region Renata Polverini). “Every Eataly in the world is dedicated to a value: the harmony of Turin, Genoa, courage, New York the doubt. For Rome, we have chosen the beauty.” From the visionary entrepreneur who is so close, in addition to the sources, Adriano Olivetti, Farinetti believes the solution to trouble the beauty of our country. Quotes Dostoevsky nell’Idiota does tell the Prince Myshkin: “beauty will save the world”. He thinks of Italy, and explains that what he is talking is not an abstract ideal or simply aesthetic, but a solid principle that guides the action and enterprise oriented marketing strategy. “We Italians are one percent of the planet. A flea. But for a variety of circumstances we are considered the most ‘cool’. Foreigners disistimano us as civic-minded, but love our quality of life. So you need to export beauty: food, fashion, design, manufacturing precision, art and culture.
    ” The art is well represented at Eataly Rome: four authentic works of Modigliani installed in areas of Italy restaurant, a program of concerts of Italian music, from Vivaldi to De Andrè and an exhibition of political cartoons and food. And then an art installation by Giorgio Faletti, twenty stones, one for each region, “to remind us how important our diversity.” But the beauty spoken Farinetti is also another. It is harmony, care, attention, first of all to what we put into our bodies. “After the war, 60% of household expenditure went on food. Today 750 billion of consumption, we are spending just to eat 180: 120 in 60 home and in restaurants. On 25% of the whole. We spend more on phone calls to his wife and say “dear throws the dough” for the pasta. The remaining 75% is spent on things that are outside the body, clothes, cars, travel, mobile phones. This is because the knowledge of the food is very low. Less than 35% of Italians know the difference between soft and hard wheat, but more than 60% know what the Abs. I try to convince people to move their money from the clothes, cars, cell phones to food. ” Beauty and education, are pilatri Farinetti strategy, which is aimed at everyone, not just the so-called rich. “I took the band of fans that I have found at lower prices, the food niche that previously found only in the food center. And then I brought home a bunch of ordinary people who understood the difference between a dish of pastaeconomic and quality is only 10 cents. Who accuses me of stealing customers from small retailers say it’s not true. Eataly in Turin has produced a 30% increase in industries of food and quality beverages. ” So the appointment next week when the store opens the gates of Rome. Some doubts about the date, Farinetti doubt that defuses remembering his good friend who died recently. “Tonino Guerra said:” I like to wait “, well we like and we like not even be sure of anything, even the opening date. Meanwhile, expect the license arrivals is expected to arrive on 18, if not get the same open, basically they are the son of a partisan “